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No Mo Accidents :: essays research papers

No More AccidentsBike helmet safety is a big job in our society. People do non realize that a wheel helmet to a biker is the same as a seat belt to a motorist. We as bikers need all the protection that we can arrive since we put ont have the tank- exchangeable protection of a 88 cross track Tempo. So now I am going to tell you a story of a personal experience, the basics to a helmet and some statistics stock-still though bike helmets atomic number 18 designed to slighten the impact in unrivaled particular spot and disperse the force throughtaboo the helmet. The helmet all the same is non the most safest thing to solely in our society. Most manufactures now scat to make helmets that have a lot of holes and are make for bearing instead of for being a good helmet. The plastic screening on most helmets is there to prevent less friction when you are slide down on your head. The standard pressure holes on the helmet provide mend air flow and a fresh new style however t hey change magnitude the fact of the force upon impact will have less of a space to disperse the force into. Do not plump me reproach all the bicycle helmets on the market pass at least(prenominal) the minimum of the standard. In Austrailia the market had to lower the standard of their helmets because they were soo expensive, so that muckle would buy their helmets. Being in a bike misadventure is a very tramatizing thing to go through. I went through some(prenominal) accidents, but bingle accident in particular knocked some feel into me more or less helmet safety. One summer morning I woke up like all other day. I did all the normal things one would do in the morning like taking a shower, eating breakfast and acquire dressed. After I got myself all set up to go out for the day, I called up one of my friends to go do something. It was another(prenominal) one of San Franciscos beautiful weather days so we trenchant to go bicycle riding and to play some basketball. So, the n I jut to head out of my house to get my bicycle limit for divagation about 10am. Now I am on my way to my friends house. The source half of my ride was pretty basic, all it was just a decorous cruise down hill. The second part however was not so much difficult as I just had to harbor my eyeball on the path.No Mo Accidents essays research papers No More AccidentsBike helmet safety is a big problem in our society. People do not realize that a bike helmet to a biker is the same as a seat belt to a motorist. We as bikers need all the protection that we can get since we dont have the tank-like protection of a 88 Ford Tempo. So now I am going to tell you a story of a personal experience, the basics to a helmet and some statisticsEven though bike helmets are designed to lessen the impact in one particular spot and disperse the force throughout the helmet. The helmet however is not the most safest thing to but in our society. Most manufactures today tend to make helmets that hav e a lot of holes and are made for fashion instead of for being a good helmet. The plastic coating on most helmets is there to prevent less friction when you are sliding down on your head. The air holes on the helmet provide better air flow and a fresh new style but they lessen the fact of the force upon impact will have less of a space to disperse the force into. Do not get me wrong all the bicycle helmets on the market pass at least the minimum of the standard. In Austrailia the market had to lower the standard of their helmets because they were soo expensive, so that people would buy their helmets. Being in a bike accident is a very tramatizing thing to go through. I went through several accidents, but one accident in particular knocked some sense into me about helmet safety. One summer morning I woke up like every other day. I did all the normal things one would do in the morning like taking a shower, eating breakfast and getting dressed. After I got myself all set up to go out f or the day, I called up one of my friends to go do something. It was another one of San Franciscos beautiful weather days so we decided to go bicycle riding and to play some basketball. So, then I start to head out of my house to get my bicycle ready for departure about 10am. Now I am on my way to my friends house. The first half of my ride was pretty basic, all it was just a nice cruise down hill. The second part however was not so much difficult as I just had to keep my eyes on the path.

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Nebuchadnezzar and the Creation of Dissedence :: Essays Papers

Nebuchadnezzar and the Creation of DissedenceThe artist of the section to be examined, Nebuchadnezzar, painted in 1795, is the Romantic poet, author, artist and theorist William Blake. I viewed the piece on Monday 27 September 1999 at the Tate Gallery in Westminster. The piece is a colour marking finished in ink pen and watercolour on paper. (See Figure 1) The subject of the piece is baron Nebauchadnezzar, ruler of the Babylonian empire from 605 to 562 B.C. The narrative behind the image is that of partly historical and partly mythological backround. The king is a factual person, tho the image which Blake depicts is from a story of Nebauchadnezzars dream and the allegorical interpretations of historical events in the Old Testaments Book of Daniel to illustrate the power of God. The story of King Nebauchadnezzar which the print depicts is that of one of the Kings dreams. The powerful Machiavellian king dreamed one darkness of a great tree growing from the earth. Th e tree produced abundant amounts of produce and it grew until its top reached heaven. A celestial being appeared in the Kings dream and ordered him to cut the tree down, leaving only its roots bound in iron and bronze in the grass. The same being then govern that the Kings mind be changed from a mans to a beasts. Because the King did not ascertain his dream, he called on the prophet Daniel to explain it. Daniel told him that Nebuchadnezzar was the strong tree in his dream. He interpreted the dream as being a decree from God that the mighty King who ruled without care for anyone but himself would be condemened to dwell with the beasts so that he would recognize Gods superior power.

Proposal for Web Based Ordering and Management System

CHAPTER I BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY AND ITS SETTING entree In the fast changing environment of descent, cultivation technology contend a great role in advancing line of products doing to achieve optimum globalization. Various information systems atomic number 18 introducing services in diverse level of focussing and it ensures the most updated level of business accomplishment today.The introduction of online servicing becomes the talk of the town not only in information technology more so in terms of how it affects the business consummation manage on how to speed up the cultivate, getting complete result of the process, becoming convenient on the let out of the client and ensuring that the management tummy handle volumes of transaction of the business. These argon some of the importationant processes that the business industry is facing instanteradays.By utilise tell management system, it allows the enjoymentr to import data and to manage the products that the node wants such as, product information, buyers information, costumers prioritization and product costing. PC Troubleshooters runs its business through a manual(a) process in taking the orders of the costumers. Though there are more employees attending to the needs of the costumer, but the lodge was often confronted with greater volume of orders, this in effect, created a problem that continue to persist a onger period of time. Because of that, chances are the customer might give false information closely their order. In rare teddys like that, the employee elicit actualize mistakes in addition due to the disposed(p) information of the customer. An other(a) problem is that when transactions are done manually, the customers can change their mind and cancel their order. This kind of bout makes the customer take back its money directly without whatsoever other process or informing the company of the cancelled transaction.Indeed, managing the orders through manual process becomes a big problem of the companies since it creates a higher risk of infection of committing defects and even makes the employees accountable for their transaction (SaaS). Just like in the case of PC Troubleshooters, manual process of managing the orders consumes a lot of time. If it is not macrocosm organized the orders are mixed up. PC Troubleshooters cannot manage the orders properly in any case when the customer gives wrong information about the order, errors takes place and tracking the error consumes a lot of time.Not the wrong information that might be given by the costumer but at the same the errors committed by the employees they do commit mistakes, like giving incorrect information about the ordered product, orders that are not arranged properly and sorted like its date and priority, giving product to right costumer, these are the problem that the company encountered when dealing with their manual transaction. To solve the problem of PC Troubleshooter, the proponents provi de clear Based Ordering Management System. This kind of system can make their work fast, reliable, consistent and flexible.The system adapts to different types of order and to meet the customers needs. It will withal admonisher and manage the orders of the customer in order to check the ordered product accurately. The product must be added before lodge occurs. It can overly reduce the risk of imbrication orders and other mistakes done by the customer and by the employee. On the part of the management the system has the capability to show reports of every transaction that are accomplished in everyday transaction. Thus, monitoring the reports and knowing the problems can now be traced easily by the top management level.Objective of the Study popular Objective The general objective of the occupy is to create and develop a weave buttd ordering management for PC troubleshooters. Specific Objectives 1. To monitor the orders of the client in terms of prioritization. 2. To lessen conflicts between the ordering of products and managing the orders. 3. To runnel and evaluate the effectiveness of the Ordering Management System. 4. To evaluate the feasibility of the study in terms of accuracy, efficiency, reliability, users friendly and flexibility.Significance of the Study The web based order management system helps both the customers and the management in dealing with their transactions effectively. Furthermore, the other beneficiaries of the study are the following fellowship This study helps the company as a whole in identifying the problems encountered. It also religious services as a tool to improve their existing methods of managing the orders in a shorter time and also it helps them to track the order of the customer. It lessens changes in final greenback of orders by their client. UserThis study will help the user in reservation the process or ordering fast and lessen the conflict in managing the orders and to lessen the complaints of the customers . Client This study helps the client in terms of selecting a product and can help in providing what is best for the client base from their interest. Proponents This study will help the proponents in enhancing their skills in making a web based ordering management system through the occupation various programming language acquired. Future Proponents This study will serve as a resource or reference for future proponents.It can help them to create and develop a new project final cause of almost the same kind of software that can be use as a solution in solving the problems in the ordering process and management. Scope and Delimitation Scope The scope of this study includes the process of editing or altering and deleting transaction, sorting of products according to prices, new arrivals, particular proposition and the like. Viewing of fast and slow moving of products through the use of pie chart. other is that it can view the order of the customer. It has a PayPal function wherein t he customer can transact online.An editing tool called FCK editor which is used to edit the all important(p) details of the site especially the displaying of information about the products. It is a cut through browser based system that can run on any web browsers. Delimitation The present study of the proponents does not include the ordering of products from the suppliers. Also the shipping outside of the Philippines is not covered in this study. The transaction in terms of payment online or in the company using credit or debit cards are not also covered.

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Milan Sanitation Department Essay

1) What be the strengths and weakness of the system that Mr. Sponza developed for the control repair facility?Strengthsa) By changing eight department they called shops as a Profit oculus change the piss attitudes of the workers. Since theyre now profit oriented, their productivity development thus summation profits. b) By having this concept every each departments attain a spirit of competitiveness, they compete each other even contributevas to private sector. Having profit motives in every item-by-item mind increase productivity thus increase profits.Weaknessa) The concept doesnt work in Engine Department due to cost to rebuilt engine was as much as the cost to buy new engine. b) Clocking literal time to do jobs will create uneasy to the workers because whenever they beat the quantify they afraid they have to do more works. Without having an ability to trace the soulfulness time, its difficult to do operation measure as swell as to determine the cost.2) Records on per formance by individual or on costs for individual jobs were discontinued. Do you agree with this policy? No, somehow every each individual need to be assessed on their performance. Without records on performance the government will later having difficulty to do performance appraisal. Thus, no promotion, no increment on salary and no periodical bonus.3) What recommendations, if any, would you make to Mr. Sponza concerning the system he has developed? How might you improve on it? Mr. Sponza needs to implement a Performance Management Framework such(prenominal) as setting up a Key Performance king and Balanced Score Card where every each individual can be assed based on many factors not only on how fast they can do the jobs or profitability of every individual department. By implementing Balanced Score card, Mr. Sponza and management will be capable to analyse four separate areas that need to be analysed (1) learning and growth, (2) rail line processes, (3) customers, and (4) finan ce.

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Prostitution in the Philippines

Prostitution and Venereal complaint Prostitution ?Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual run to another person in return for payment. Venereal disease ? A disease that is contracted and catching by sexual contact, ca utilize by microorganisms that go on the skin or mucus membranes, or that are transmitted via semen, vaginal secretions, or blood during intercourse. Because the genital areas provide a moist, hard environment that is especially conducive to the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, and yeasts, a great many diseases drop be transmitted this way. Type of STDChlamydia ?is a bacterial infection caused by pathogen (germ) Chlamydia trachomatis that usually infects the genitals of both men and women, but can too infect the throat, rectum and eyes. CHANCROID (SHANG-kroid) ? A bacterial infection that results in sores on the mouth, throat, lips, anus, tongue, vagina, or penis. CRABS (Pubic Lice) ?Tiny insects that live off human blood. Although theyre often ensnare around the genitals, they can live in any part of the dust with hair. Gonorrhea ?is a highly contagious sexually transmitted STD bacterial infection, whatsoevertimes referred to as the clap.The nickname of the clap refers to a treatment that used to clear the blockage in the urethra from gonorrhea pus, where the penis would be clapped on both sides simultaneously. HEPATITIS ?There are five types of hepatitis &8212 A through E &8212 all of which cause inflammation of the liver. Type D affects only those who in any case have hepatitis B, and hepatitis E is extremely rare in the United States. herpes virus (Herpes Simplex) ?Two types of a viral infection characterized by periodic outbreaks of irritative sores. Stress, sunburn, and certain foods are the primary causes of a herpes outbreak. support ?is the acronym for the pitying Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus that attacks the bodys immune system, leading to full-blown AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). AIDS is de vastating because it leaves the body susceptible to life-threatening infections and certain kinds of cancers. HPV / Genital Warts ? sympathetic Papilloma Virus (HPV) a group of more than 70 viruses, some of which can lead to cervical cancer. Several strains of HPV cause external genital warts. SCABIES (SKAY-beez) ? A mite that burrows under the skin and lays eggs.SYPHILIS (SIFF-i-lis) ? A bacterial infection caused by an organism called a spirochete. Trichomoniasis ?is a uncouth sexually transmitted disease (STD) that affects both men and women. Trichomoniasis is caused by a protozoan parasite called Trichomonas vaginalisand is a cause of vaginal infections in women and urethral infections in men. Trichomoniasis is an STD that affects approximately 5 million people in the US every year. Trichomoniasis is one of the most common, curable causes of vaginal infections in women. By Bobby P. Galleros

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Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Essay

11. a. yr 0 socio-economic class 1 year 2 form 3 course 4Before- revenue cash consort $(500,000) $52,500 $47,500 $35,500 $530,500 assessation embody (7,875) (7,125) (5,325) (4,575)After-tax cash current 44,625 40,375 30,175 525,925 synthesis instrument (7%) .935 .873 .816 .763 face up entertain $(500,000) $41,724 $35,247 $24,623 $401,281NPV $2,875Investor W should make the investment funds because NPV is positive.b. class 0 class 1 socio-economic class 2 Year 3 Year 4Before-tax cash feed in $(500,000) $52,500 $47,500 $35,500 $530,500 evaluate cost (10,500) (9,500) (7,100) (6,100) After-tax cash hunt 42,000 38,000 28,400 524,400 bank discount means (7%) .935 .873 .816 .763 introduce nurse $(500,000) $39,270 $33,174 $23,174 $400,117NPV $(4,265)Investor W should not make the investment because NPV is negative.c. Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4Before-tax cash flow $(500,000) $52,500 $47,500 $35,500 $530,500 task cost (5,250) (4,750) (8,875) (7,625) After-tax cash flow 47,250 42,750 26,625 522,875 tax write-off portion (7%) .935 .873 .816 .763Present value $(500,000) $44,179 $37,321 $21,726 $398,954NPV $2,180Investor W should make the investment because NPV is positive.16. a. probability 1 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2 dutiable income (loss) $(8,000) $5,000 $20,000 peripheral tax rate .40 .40 .40Tax $(3,200) $2,000 $8,000Before-tax cash flow $(8,000) $5,000 $20,000Tax (cost) or savings 3,200(2,000) (8,000) send away cash flow $(4,800) $3,000 $12,000Discount factor (12%) .893 .797Present value $(4,800) $2,679 $9,564NPV $7,443Opportunity 2 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Taxable income $5,000 $5,000 $5,000 peripheral tax rate .40 .40 .40Tax $2,000 $2,000 $2,000Before-tax cash flow $5,000 $5,000 $5,000Tax (cost) or savings (2,000) (2,000) (2,000) crystallize cash flow $3,000 $3,000 $3,000Discount factor (12%) .893 .797Present value $3,050 $2,679 $2,391NPV $8,120 stiff E should choose opportunity 2.b. Opportunity 1 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Taxable income (loss) $(8, 000) $5,000 $20,000Marginal tax rate .15 .15 .15Tax $(1,200) $750 $3,000Before-tax cash flow $(8,000) $5,000 $20,000Tax (cost) or savings 1,200 (750) (3,000)Net cash flow $(6,800) $4,250 $17,000Discount factor (12%) .893 .797Present value $(6,800) $3,795 $13,549NPV $10,544Opportunity 2 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Taxable income $5,000 $5,000 $5,000Marginal tax rate .15 .15 .15Tax $750 $750 $750Before-tax cash flow $5,000 $5,000 $5,000Tax (cost) or savings (750) (750) (750)Net cash flow $4,250 $4,250 $4,250Discount factor (12%) .893 .797Present value $4,250 $3,795 $3,387NPV $11,432Firm E should choose opportunity 2.c. Opportunity 1 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Taxable income (loss) $(8,000) $5,000 $20,000Marginal tax rate .40 .15 .15Tax $(3,200) $750 $3,000Before-tax cash flow $(8,000) $5,000 $20,000Tax (cost) or savings 3,200 (750) (3,000)Net cash flow $(4,800) $4,250 $17,000Discount factor (12%) .893 .797Present value $(4,800) $3,795 $13,549NPV $12,544Opportunity 2 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Taxable incom e $5,000 $5,000 $5,000Marginal tax rate .40 .15 .15Tax $2,000 $750 $750Before-tax cash flow $5,000 $5,000 $5,000Tax (cost) or savings (2,000) (750) (750)Net cash flow $3,000 $4,250 $4,250Discount factor (12%) .893 .797Present value $3,000 $3,795 $3,387NPV $10,182Firm E should choose opportunity 1.1. a. (1) Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Before-tax stipend/income $80,000 $80,000 $80,000Marginal tax rate .25 .40 .40Tax on income $20,000 $32,000 $32,000After-tax cash flow $60,000 $48,000 $48,000Discount factor (8%) .926 .857Present value $60,000 $44,448 $41,136NPV of salary received by Mrs. X $145,584(2) Before-tax payment /deduction $80,000 $80,000 $80,000Marginal tax rate .34 .34 .34Tax savings from deduction $27,200 $27,200 $27,200After-tax cost $(52,800) $(52,800) $(52,800)Discount factor (8%) .926 .857Present value $(52,800) $(48,893) $(45,250)NPV of salary cost to Firm B $(146,943)b. (1) Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Before-tax salary/income $140,000 $50,000 $50,000Marginal tax rate .25 .40 .40Tax o n income $35,000 $20,000 $20,000After-tax cash flow $105,000 $30,000 $30,000Discount factor (8%) .926 .857Present value $105,000 $27,780 $25,710NPV of salary received by Mrs. X $158,490(2) Before-tax payment /deduction $140,000 $50,000 $50,000Marginal tax rate .34 .34 .34Tax savings from deduction $47,600 $17,000 $17,000After-tax cost $(92,400) $(33,000) $(33,000)Discount factor (8%) .926 .857Present value $(92,400) $(30,558) $(28,281)NPV of salary cost to Firm B $(151,239)c. Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Before-tax payment /deduction $140,000 $45,000 $45,000Marginal tax rate .34 .34 .34Tax savings from deduction $47,600 $15,300 $15,300After-tax cost $(92,400) $(29,700) $(29,700)Discount factor (8%) .926 .857Present value $(92,400) $(27,502) $(25,423)NPV of salary cost to Firm B $(145,325)This suggestion is superior (has less cost) to Firm B than its trustworthy offer.d. Year 0 Year 1 Year 2Before-tax salary/income $140,000 $45,000 $45,000Marginal tax rate .25 .40 .40Tax on income $35,000 $ 18,000 $18,000After-tax cash flow $105,000 $27,000 $27,000Discount factor (8%) .926 .857Present value $105,000 $25,002 $23,139NPV of salary received by Mrs. X $153,141Mrs. X should accept this counterproposal because it hasa greater NPV than Firm Bs original offer.

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‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Tea in the Wendy House’, and ‘He said’ Essay

primp and blemish is a novel of neck and marri days and how people hire prejudices rough love. Pride is regard as it blurs the recognizeing of uncoiled love. Jane Austen displays this as she was segment of parliamentary procedure and she had archetypical-hand experience of this. In Tea in the Wendy signaling and He tell, thither is an visible change in the role of society and attitudes to love and conglutination. This is because of the different times each novel was written.Jane Austen does non impart the subject of marriage favourable, as she never writes about a in all well-chosen marriage. For example Mr and Mrs bennets relationship, this is non an example of a good marriage as Mr Bennet is always taunting Mrs Bennet. Or you may send them by themselves, ordain be reveal, for you be as hand sharply of any of them. Here Mr Bennet is ridiculing Mrs Bennet by say she should go and visit Mr Darcy as she may end up marrying him, as she is just as beautiful. This was one of Austens intentions to show that the society she lived in was superficial. A nonher example of a bad marriage is of Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins. Charlotte is only marrying Mr Collins, as it is her last resort because she is seen as a spinster at the age of 27. Usually girls atomic number 18 married off at new(a) ages, as it is their only ambition. This is shown in Pride and Prejudice, except in Tea in the Wendy reside, even though Lyn has an opportunity of marriage she is not happy.She feels pressured into marrying whole meal flour and doesnt check the chance to vent her true feelings properly. She feels she is also trapping Graham into marrying her and becoming a pay off. I didnt say any function, because Graham was so enthusiastic. She is worried about otherwise peoples feelings and hers exactly does not get the chance to show them. Whereas in He Said there is no chance of Bev getting married to Errol, as he is too irresponsible. This is an example of the w ay society has changed drastically. In Pride and Prejudice it was expected for girls to get married straight away and the most distinguished thing in their life. In Tea in the Wendy House there was nearly expectation still not as much. In He Said society has changed so much that Errol does not think he needs to propose to Bev, even though she is pregnant. This also shows the attitudes to sex beforehand marriage.As Austen shows more bad marriages than good, there were a few happy marriages, as they contain an equality of temper traits amongst the couple. Elizabeth was too preferential to run crossways her true feelings and Mr Darcy was too proud. Even though she does finally realise Darcys good qualities. She began to comprehend that he was exactly the existence, in appetite and talents, would suit her. This is the opposite in He Said, as Bev finally realises that she is stronger than Errol, and how she crowd out cope without him. I dont care if I never see him again. I n Jane Austens novels the valuable marriage is unremarkably because of chance. If Elizabeth did not read Darcys earn and witness the elopement of Lydia and Wickham, she would be possessed of make how much she values him.This is the opposite in Tea and the Wendy House as Graham and Lyn had known each other since their teens and so had got to know each other better. I was fourteen and Graham was fifteen. As Errol and Bevs relationship in He Said is just based on sex and so there was no previous acknowledgement of character traits. Intervention played its part in the prevention of Darcy and Elizabeth getting married. Elizabeths prejudices intervene and prevent the marriage at first. This does not happen to the of import character of Tea in the Wendy House but there is some intervention from Lyns parents.In Pride and Prejudice Elizabeths mammary gland is always pushing her to get the best man she can. She is very grand and likes to get what she wants. In Tea and the Wendy House i t is also Lyns acquire that has an intervening nature as she is making the wedding dress. She was busy, giving final touches to the dress. There is a difference in He Said, as her parents do not intervene. Although her father does not want to get involved with her situation, he feels no way in abandoning her when she needs them most. As her father is a minister of a church, he has strict religious beliefs but as he does not want to help he comes across as a bully. If that harlot crosses my doorstep, I will strike her down. thus he had gone to church. This contradicts his religious views.Status is another riddle in the prevention of the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth. Elizabeths astonishment was beyond expression. She stared benighted doubted and was silent. This he considered enough encouragement. Darcy plan that Elizabeth would have said yes when he first proposed, as she may never get a better offer as that one as he is much higher(prenominal) in spot than she was. Darcy ha s a lot more money than the Bennets. In this time it was seen as better if you could marry a man with a large house and very good income. This was so he could provide for his wife when she had children but also to show-off to others. In He Said money is still important to Bev as she is by herself without a husband, so she has to fend for herself. She is struggling and in a poor job. She has not got the financial support from her parents like Lyn in Tea in the Wendy House. Bevs prospects are limited because of lack of money and there is a slight suggestion that this will not change much. There is a comparison surrounded by pride and prejudice and Tea in the Wendy House.This is because Lyn and Elizabeth both have some financial support from their parents, although it was not the most important thing in Tea in the Wendy House. Lyns mother puts it across as a bonus to the marriage, but having a good job is kind of important. And hes got a job, and course theres the house. You in re ality struck gold there. Mr Collins also demonstrates the status prevention, as he expects her to say yes but it comes across as quite pompous. I am to inherit this estate after the death of your father. He is openly stating that he will own Elizabeths house, as if it was nothing. In the actual proposal of Mr Collins to Elizabeth it was quite formal as he asked permission, which was expected in those times. This differs in the proposal of Graham to Lyn. He seemed embarrassed, it was not very formal but still had the decency to propose. I told you it was corny, but will you, will you marry me? There is no proposal in He Said. Errol obviously does not believe he needs to propose not formal or gentleman-like.Judgement plays quite a big part of pride and prejudice, as it was a very judgmental society. People are always being judged. Elizabeth prides herself on good understanding of what people are like generally. The extravagance and general profligacy which he scripted exceedingly s hocked her. This shows how she was wrong about Mr Wickham and Darcy made her realise this in the letter he wrote to her after he proposed. Good view is being to see past deception, pride high-handedness and hypocrisy. She tried to recollect some good example of goodness, some distinguished trait of integrity. This shows Elizabeth frantically trying to have some recollection that Mr Wickham was not deceptive and devious. Like Mr Darcy explained in the letter. This is a bad judgement that Elizabeth has made, just like the bad judgement of Errol by Bev. She thought he was going to stand by her throughout the pregnancy, but he does not.I dont want anything to come between usnow he would not speak to her. This shows how shallow and punic Errol is. Although she knows Errol is not going to face up to his consequences, it does not stop her from fantasizing about the way she would like things to be between her and Errol. Imagining Errol holding her tightly, perhaps his vocalisation brea king with emotion. Elizabeths first coming upon with Mr Wickham compared to her first meeting with Mr Darcy it was not surprised she preferred Mr Wickham. This made her very shocked at the proposal from Mr Darcy. This pitfall almost brings Elizabeth to lose her future husband, although she does come to basis with her mistakes and corrects them. How despicably I have acted, I who have prided myself on my arrest and gratified my vanity, pleased with the preference of one and offended by the die of another.This reveals that Elizabeth has recognised her mistakes and how she has treated both men. Darcy has also overcome his arrogance and pride. Austen believes that a happy marriage is built on good judgement and so introduces a genuine perception. So they see each other for who they really are. Tea in the Wendy House, Lyns perception of Graham was not clear, she was not being clear about her feelings. The writer used the Wendy House as symbolism to show that however perfect something seems, it may not make you happy. Although at the end with the last Wendy House reference, you are left wing wondering if Lyn will ever be happy, but also there is no mention of Graham being with her, in this ideal world. The smart blue walls seem to be closing in around her, the crown is coming nearer and nearer.She is a mummy. It doesnt matter that she cant get out. It is making her conform to the stereotypes of typical women. Bev in He Said has made a journey of self-knowledge, from hating Errol for not standing by her to realising she can cope without him, and go along with the pregnancy by herself. From the pressures of society, the fixate telling her it would be best to get an abortion, her father throwing her out, living in a gritty flat and working in a murdered end job. Bev has made a miraculous journey from where she was, to feeling assured of having the baby by herself. Elizabeth goes against her time by refusing both marriage proposals, and marrying for true love. In her society a sexual relationship before marriage was seen as unacceptable and shame would be brought onto the family. This is a contrast between our time and Jane Austens time. Lyn is pregnant before she is getting married, this is also the type in He Said apart from Bev is not getting married, and so has to cope on her own. This indicates the age and time Elizabeth lived in. Wickham was this type of mortal who would cuckold women into thinking he loves them but then leaves them. This is what he did with Lydia Bennet. This was not the first he tried he also tried with Darcys jr. sister. He gambles and lives loosely and does not give a secondment thought to his sexual immoralities. Sex before marriage is seen as the main corrupt. Wickhams character is similar to that of Errol. He does not give a second thought to the consequences of his action. With the faint smell of urine around her realising that probably some man had walked away from relieving himself without a backward t hought about the results. barely like Errol. Lydias relationship with Wickham has effected her reputation because of the elopement. Wickhams love for Lydia is not true. This is the opposite with Lyn and Grahams relationship. Graham is real in love with Lyn, but it is Lyn that has the insecurities and does not feel true love. There is no one in the Wendy house except Lyn. Mandy isnt there. Graham isnt there. This shows how maybe in the end she will be by herself without no one. In Elizabeths time courtship between two people would not have lasted quite long, so Wickham and Lydia were not truly in love, it was most probably infatuation. His belief that Wickham never intended to go there or to marry Lydia at all.Jane Austen was a person in this society and time, which believed marriage, was the most important thing for a young girl. This would lead to prejudices about how much money did the husband have and of what status was he. Jane Austen shows through pride and prejudice that sh e would not have married because it was well-provided but because of love much like Elizabeth. Society has changed, as seeming(a) in He said. From wanting marriage as an ambition, to Errol not needing to propose, it does not mean the society has got any better. Society and other peoples thoughts all contribute to prevention of some marriages, even nowadays.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Reaction Paperâ€Nonfiction Essay

When run downing I came across some interesting non-fiction leg force out and letter written by well known pens. They were tout ensemble dangerous but there was two that I had the most reaction to. When I came across these two letters I mat like I had a connection with the author. The letter redemption by Langston Huge, when I read could relate to it ca use of goods and services I to come from a christen background, and in the figment by Lam about his m an separate(prenominal) I felt like keeping family tradition should always remain I a person livelihood. So I thought it would be heartfelt to apologize my reaction in detail by stating the strategies, themes and what makes these non-fiction stories. In the story Who forget Light the Incense When Mothers Gone by Andrew Lam, the author Lam give the ref a personal account of his life. go at a birthday party for his mother who was turning seventy, he overheard his mother ask his aunt, Who testament light the cense we Im g one? This was a traditional thing that see did, the light of the incense was done to acknowledged the dead, and to talk to them and ask for financial aid from them.He indeed struggles with himself wondering why he doesnt feel the need to take to continue this life longsighted tradition. When looking through this story I found out that Lam used biographic system to help the read fully witness his point of view. With this strategy lam was equal to give the reader an indebt description of what it was like for him growing up, as a young Americanized Vietnamese man. He make mention that his mom often ask him to speak their native tongue, when he was a teen. His response was what good is it to speak it? It non like Im going to use it when I move out. At end of the story the read is left(p) with mixed emotion, will he ein truth commit to his families tradition and immortalizetime to light the incense or will he continue to pull through his life the same he always has. When r endering the story Salvation by Langston Hughes I thing that he withal used the strategy biographic criticism, which he uses to explain to the reader how he feels about his childhood conversion.As he goes through his story he used this strategy as a base in which to convey to the reader the task he had growing up. In the story he was twelve and was fighting(a) in his aunts church revival. It was the last day of the revival, which meant that the callowness of the church was to be relieve. During the days leading up to this event, his aunt tells him that to be saved he will see a light and delivery boy appear and then he will be saved. He and the other youth was brought to the front of the church, Langston never saw Jesus and was pleasured to be saved. He explains to the reader that he was not sure what he was feeling. At the end of this story he explains that this event that he went through was a solitary(a) one. He is then seen crying and his aunt again blames it on him be ing saved but Hughes says it was because he lied to God and to his aunt. This form of pen is seen throughout the whole story.The fact that is a form of biography show the reader a part of himself that otherwise would not been seen. While reading Who Will light The Incense When Mother Gone by Andrew Lam, I had several different type of felling. The way lam tell the story about mother and his family traditions, made guess and try to relate to twain him and his mother. In some way I could relate to Lam, I the youngest of phoebe bird and in some sense my family had some tradition. Although ar way wasnt as intense as Lam and his family. It was too driven by religion. I grow up in a christen family with my fuck off being a preacher. So I would begin to attend church almost three times a day. During the summer I would go to church base camps. It was like a routine every year. As I grown older I started to form my own stem about life, and with this new found freedom I was able to peck what church I wanted to attend on Sunday, I also didnt have to go at all.So as I stop going my d Dad would pressure even to a greater extent to live the life he wanted. Even now I go to church, but I often thing it is because I was told to. On the other hand I can understand where is mother is coming from. I think that Lams mother only want to go along what little bit of her legacy, and when she is gone she knows that there is no hope of that. all(prenominal) sense she moved from Vietnamese her kid had become Americanized and is slowly losing all touch of their heritage. She just wants to know that not all things from her pass will we erased. As for the theme of from Salvation by Langston Hughes, the reaction I had was very personal. I have never been in that type of situation, I have been in places where people was in a sense forced to life changing decision.Like Langston I too attended week long revival, like Langston I was told what to look for and what feeling to expect w hile attendance church. I was a little upset to see the way he was treated in this essay. As a preacher son I to know a lot about religion, and what I read was not the correct approach. To force you believes on any one like that is to me virtuously incorrect. He was told what to feel and see and he failed to see that, so he didnt want to get up, like the other kids. I think that he should have just told his aunt how he felt and it would had saved him a lot of grieve. In these stories one most consider that they are non-fiction, simply for the reason that they are realistic account of the authors lives. Both stories are narrated by the authors themselves, the authors write about certain events conflicts that they two went through at a young age.They then used their originative writing skill to get the reader interested with the subject they were writing on. Although based on a fact or actual experience, some(prenominal) writers have to use their imagination to rewrite their exper iences, to make the feelings or ideas that were take to convey to the readers. The authors have used their skills and styles to capture the audience imagination as the stories go on. Since the reader had not experienced what the author was going through, the authors were challenged to commence the reader into their lives when they were just young men. This was done to help the reader to understand the ages and, mental state of the two authors. On the other hand the reader must also use some sense of imagination to wager the scenes in the stories.

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50 Fancy Words

The wise York Times 50 Fancy oral communication (defined and used) 1. Inchoate unsloped begun and so non fully formed or developed I am glad your inchoate proposals for integrating the go with were non accepted this time, thus saving us face. 2. Profligacy recklessly wasteful wildly extravagant, profligate air Ander newss profligacy toll him his job and its better you tighten up your belt before you go the same way. 3. Sui Generis universe the only example of its kind, unique Mr.Bill Tandy generated his sui generis theory establish on micro research and more hypothesis, thus finding no takers for his pet project. 4. Austerity severe and morally strict the quality of being austere, having no pleasures or comforts Every major war on this planet were followed by many years of austerity. 5. Profligate using money, re parentages, etc.tera , in a way that wastes them The firms profligate expending only hastened its downfall. 6.Baldenfreude Satisfaction derived from the misfort une of bald or balding individuals (coined by NYT columnist Maureen Dowd) Humpty Dumptys antics remain a constant source of baldenfreude for children and adults alike. 7. calumny harsh criticism, contempt His ludicrous attempts at mimicry in the constituent only earned him the opprobrium of his colleagues. 8. Apostates pl a person who abandons a vox populi or principle The millionaire technocrat and his cronies were publicly derided for being apostates, after they were exposed of polluting the surroundings while purporting to have spent large sums for water conservation. . Solipsistic the theory that the egotism is all that can be known to exist His solipsistic view active life ensured that he lived in social isolation. 10. Obduracy refusing to change in any way Anthonys obduracy in his legal nerve expedited his impeachment. 11. Internecine causing destruction to both sides The African states internecine affair continues to extract a terrible toll on innocent homophile live s. 12. Soporific adj causing sleep The soporific drug caused Tony to fall somnolent in the board meeting. 13.Kristallnacht German, night of (broken) glass Kristall, crystal (from meat superior German, from Old High German cristalla, from Latin crystallus, crystallum see crystal) + Nacht, night (from Middle High German naht, from Old High German see nekw-t- in Indo-European roots) The Kristallnacht remains an infamous event in the German history. 14. Aristotelian passing game from place to place The peripatetic bards of yore propagated the oral communication of the Holy Prophet. 15. emergent beginning to exist, not fully developed In its initial stage, the emergent film industry faced harsh opposition from moral groups. 16.Desultory going from one affair to another, without a definite plan or blueprint Garcias desultory conversation got everybody yawning. 17. Redoubtable deserving to be feared and respect Mikes redoubtable instincts as a prize-fighter kept his opponents at arms distance. 18. Hubris excessive pride The Empires toilet table and hubris in its exaggerated military were the reason for its downfall. 19. Mirabile Dictu wonderful to relate hornys winning putt remained mirabile dictu in the golf club murmur for many years. 20. Creches a place where babies are looked after while their parents work, shop, etc. Go down the Green Avenue and you will find a string of creches and day-care centres. 21. Apoplectic sudden loss of the ability to feel or move adj suffering from apoplexy easily made angry His sons antics on the playground left him apoplectic with rage. 22. Overhaul to try out carefully and thoroughly and make any necessary changes or repairs to surface from behind and pass them Michaels faster car easily overhauled the spark advance drivers in the F1 championship. 23. Ersatz used as a poor-quality substitute for something else, humble to an original item The DJs ersatz musical numbers racket were a poor rendition of Celinas work. 4. Obstreperous very abuzz or difficult to control Andys obstreperous behavior just after a few drinks generally caused his early exit from or so parties. 25. Jejune too simple, naive dull, lacking nourishment Horrified by the senators jejune responses to their problems, the voters guild decided to withdraw their support to him in the forthcoming elections. 26. Omerta rule or engrave that prohibits speaking or telling information, generally relates to activities of organized crime sub the Mafia Henry was vowed to the code of Omerta and sealed his lips during the police interrogation. 7. Putative generally supposed to be the thing specified Mr Brown is referred to as the putative father in the document. 28. Manichaean A believer in Manichaeism an ancient Iranian Gnostic religion Robertas Manichean beliefs found little approval in the unemotional theology group discussion. 29. Canard a false report or rumour, open designs on certain airplanes The disturbing canard about my co mpanys monetary resource left me in despair. 30. Ubiquitous seeming to be everywhere or in several places at the same time The ubiquitous cyberspace is both a blessing, as well as, a curse. 1. Atavistic relating to the behavior of ones ancestors in the distant past The chieftain urged his kindred to curb their atavistic urges and refrain from unnecessary violence. 32. Renminbi another name for the Chinese Yuan, official currency of Peoples Republic of China Chinese renmin people + bi currency Around 1950, the Chinese government formally released the Renminbi notes for circulation. 33. Sanguine hopeful, optimistic She remained sanguine about our chances of success in the gift draw. 34.Antediluvian very old-fashioned His antediluvian ideas are preposterous 35. Cynosure object or someone who serves as a focal point of attention and admiration, something that serves to guidebook His wife, Catherine, remained the cynosure of all eyes throughout the evening gala. 36. Alacrity eagerne ss or enthusiasm Richard accepted her offer of marriage with alacrity. 37. Epistemic cognitive, relating to learning, or involving companionship The monks epistemic dissertation was an engaging study of New Testament beliefs. 38.Egregious exceptional, outstanding The NBA referees decision was the most crying(prenominal) error of judgment. 39. Incendiary designed to set something on fire, tending to nominate public disturbances or violence Amandas incendiary remarks alienated her from the full-page campus. 40. Chimera an imaginary creature composed of the parts of several polar animals, wild or impossible idea Harry gazed awestruck at the monstrous chimera, a gigantic beast with the head of a lion and the body of a winged horse. 41. Laconic using few words Jerrys laconic sense of humor endeared him to the crowd. 2. Polemicist person accomplished in art of writing or speech, arguing cases forcefully Mr. Trimble stands little chance in the public debate against the Republican pole micist candidate, Mr. Burns. 43. love mutual civility amity, an atmosphere of social harmony, the policy whereby one unearthly sect refrains from proselytizing the members of another sect The Shias and Sunnis lived in perfect comity in their remote mountain hamlet. 44. Provenance the place that something originally came from He cans in antique furniture of doubtful provenance. 5. Sclerotic condition in which bonkers tissue in the body becomes abnormally hard Doctors were at a loss in explaining the childs unusual sclerotic condition. 46. prescient knowing or appearing to know about things before they buy the farm His prescient instincts saved him a small fortune when he interchange his shares before the stock market crash. 47. Hegemony control and leadership, by one demesne over others The United States military hegemony in the region was a source of great distress to Iqbal. 8. Verisimilitude the appearance of being true or received To add verisimilitude to the play, the sta ge is covered with snow for the winter scene. 49. Feckless not able to manage things properly or look after oneself, not responsible enough The McCarthys are feckless parents with more children than they could support. 50. Demarche musical note or manoeuvre in political or diplomatic personal matters Thierrys political demarche with the liberals saved the government a great deal of face in the senate hearings.

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Carol Ann Duffy’s 1993 collection ‘Mean Time’ Essay

The nervereal day of the big match had arrived, the anticipation was rising and with lone(prenominal) 5 hours to go the crusades were gathering in the pubs and on the streets. Cardiff was the venue, Millennium roll to be exact. The FA instill Final, Manchester get together vs. Millwall.The grounds men were on the pitch setting up the sprinklers and cutting the grass at the last minute possible, before the team ups arrived to partial(p) up and get a feel of the pitch. The sprinklers started to spray like the ocean. The droplets of water supply were dropfallg gently like a leaf from the highest tree. As the droplets were falling onto the bouncy blades of grass, they were running down the blades slowly into the soil creating a gauzy playing surface.A bus pulled out side the entrance of the stadium, it was Manchesters bus and the paparazzi skipped as fast as they could to try and get the topper picture of the star striker, Ruud van Nistelrooy. The doors of the bus opened slow ly estimable to add to the tension. It was so quite you could roughly here a pin drop. Footsteps where heard, the compress started hovering around the bus .The crowd on the other side of the road, were staying for autographs. They started singing and chanting Ruud, Ruud, Ruud. Some of the younger players got off the bus and quickly walked now into the corridor, down to the changing rooms turn they were all told focused. Next off the bus steps the man of the moment, every one and only(a) wanted to see. Ruud van Nistelrooy. He walked straight over to the fans signed the autographs. The press got the pictures they wanted and off down the long corridor he went, hair live like a space hopper.The underdogs Millwall arrived in there bus transactions later, but the surrounding bea was empty. Just one sky newsman there, waiting to interview their autobus. The players were fired up do to fight for The FA Cup.The causa men rushed onto the pitch dismantled and removed the sprink lers. The pitch was make water for the teams. The stadium started to fill up with the crowds sliding through the turnstiles, flashing their cute tickets on the way. Desperate people standing outside the stadium, offering to bargain for tickets for 200 pound, more than 5 times over there pilot value, but with a lots of sentimental value attached, were having no luck.lastly preparations were taken for the two teams as on the pitch 40 legal proceeding before the game, they were jogging from one side to the other, passing the ball with their left, consequently their rightly, firing the ball like a squeeze outnon ball. You could sense the teams where hit and all hyped up. Back in the changing rooms for the teams, as the managers give there last team talk. Before the teams are announced and minutes before kick off.The teamsheets are in and theres a big shock as Manchester Uniteds Star striker, Ruud van Nistelrooy is only on the bench. Its been account that he picked up a knock i n the pre-match warm up by the sky reporter, Chris Kamara. This final is anyones game now.The teams are in the tunnel ready and waiting to come out. The stadium is a wash up of red and blue. Every seat is taken. The anthem of The FA Cup is been blared out of the speakers in the stands. The teams trot out of the tunnel, on to the hallowed turf of the Millennium stadium in Cardiff. The crowd are on there feet cheering, its almost deafening, its that loud.The Ball is in the middle ready for kick off. You can almost feel the electricity in the air. Millwall kick off, from left to right all in blue, whilst United are in the famous red, lily-white and black colours. There was an early serge by Millwall, but with no goal, while Ruud sits on the bench waiting for the nod, nothing came of any attacks in the premier 35 minutes of the game. Just before half time, the ball stone-broke free to the young United starlet of Cristiano Ronaldo who galloped down the annex, triple stepped-over into the centre and triggerman towards goal It hit the post and into the back of the net, one nil to Manchester United. totally eyes on the ref, waiting for the half time whistle, there it is. The teams go in at the break. Its Manchester United one, Millwall nil.The Speculation is rising now provide Ruud make an appearance in this final. The teams are back out ready to start the second half, after a talking to from the managers. Manchester United kicks off. The crowd are chanting with all there hearts United, United, United, United, United, United, United.Not a good deal happened until Millwalls top scorer Harris made a darting run into the penalisation area Hes been brought down. The refs pointed at the spot. Its a penalty. Harris will take it its a goal mightily in the top left hand corner. Thats now one one theres nothing separating these teams. Back to the middle for the re-start, oh wait a minute there will be a reversal for Manchester United with only 10 minutes to go, on comes Ruud van Nistelrooy for Alan Smith. It should be all over nowIts so exciting only three minutes to go now. Ronaldo has the ball on the right wing hes not letting go of that ball. Only a minute and a half now left on the time Ronaldo whips a cross in from the touchline. The defender has missed it. Its dropped at the feet of Ruud van Nistelrooy, surely a goal now. Hes jell his foot right through that ball what a goal It went straight through the keepers legs with seconds left on the clock. I fagt believe it. The whistle has blown. Its all over Manchester United have won by two goals to one. They are The FA Cup Champions hearty what an exciting finish to this game. Ruud van Nistelrooy saves the day again.

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Pollution: Global Warming and Personal Hygiene Products

POLLUTION Pollution happens absolutely everywhere, every single sustain of the day, everywhere on earth. It happens in umteen city, many town, or many state. You can find pollution in cars, home electronics, personal hygienics products, natural disasters, and scour your own home. Pollution is poison for anything that lives and breathes it poisons water, aureole, land, humans, and animals, so it can non to be taken lightly. As a law people should take more than care of their surroundings and try harder to preserve the world we live in, even if it is inconvenient to us. Because if we dont fulfill ourselves, who will?The things we could do to save our planet from pollution could reduce further destruction . Every wholeness is benefited when we have middling water, air, land, etc. . For example, we never get wind any news about a person dying because of clean air but instead we hear news like, man died from pollution, family living in home pollution, water tests turn out polluti on particles, the list goes on forever. By identifying the problem at an premature stage, we can start to reverse the pollution process. Thus making our catch Earth cleaner. Thefunny thing of all this is that though the earth is acquirepolluted man is least bothered about it . e doesnt know that he himself is digging his owngravebecause pollution not only spoils his own health but alsoworsens hisquality of life. throng in cities who are exposed to various kinds of pollution suffer from some(prenominal) ailments like high blood pressure, asthma and skin diseases. Garbage thrown around leads to break out of epidemics like cholera, malaria, chikungunya etc. Poisonous chemicals from theairas well as our water bodies have recently caused an exponential function rise in cancer cases. Scientists say that it is still not slow to act, and governments all over the world have started acting.Countries are trying their scoop out to control pollution by adopting measures like control of CO2 emissions, apply clean fuels, proper waste managementpractices, and planting trees on a large scale. However no efforts would be complete unless each one us does our bit to protect our environment. We all can contribute in our small way bysavingfuel, water and electricity, disposing garbage responsibly and living simple lives. It is the responsibility of each one of us to safety device the environment so that future generations can enjoy thebeautyand insurance premium of Mother nature.

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Endoplasmic Reticulum

Smooth Endoplasmic second stomach The smooth endoplasmic second stomach functions as a packaging system, and un the like its replication trip, the rough endoplasmic reticulum, it does not tolerate ribosomes attached to it. The endoplasmic reticulum works most with the Golgi apparatus, ribosomes, RNA, mRNA, and tRNA. It performs a network of tissue layers found by dint of the whole stall. The endoplasmic reticulum whitethorn also look different from cellphone to cell, depending on the cells function.Smooth endoplasmic reticulums atomic number 18 cause more like tubes. The endoplasmic reticulum is important because it plays a big part in a cell because it acts like a storage organelle. It helps create steroids and proteins then stores them. In muscle cells, it stores calcium. Smooth endoplasmic reticulum is also employ to synthesise lipids. This synthesis creates lipoproteins which is found in the liver. The endoplasmic reticulum also stores glycogen.The endoplasmic reticul um consists of tubules and vesicles that branch forming a network. In some cells there are dilated areas like the sacs of rough endoplasmic reticulum. The endoplasmic reticulum is folded and stacked layer upon layer within the cell and is connected to the cells nuclear tissue layer Another function of the endoplasmic reticulum is to visit the movement of newly synthesized proteins to their proper locations in the cell or to the membrane to be sent outside the cell.This is done by a adjoin called budding, where small vesicles of smooth endoplasmic reticulum are cut off to incorporate the proteins to their new spots in the cell. It also stores ions in solution that the cell may need at a later time. The endoplasmic reticulum allows molecules to be moved between the lumen and the cytoplasm, and since it is connected to the double-layered nuclear envelope, it gives a course between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. In muscle cells the endoplasmic reticulum releases calcium to elicitat ion muscle contractions.The endoplasmic reticulum also has a role in dose tolerance. The smooth endoplasmic reticulum functions to start out rid of poisons, and drugs are considered a poison to the cell, if you consume more drugs, your cells will make more endoplasmic reticulum to get rid of the poisons. The cycle will the continue, the more drugs you take, the more smooth endoplasmic reticulum your cells will make. Your body builds up a tolerance for drugs because it will have a lot of smooth endoplasmic reticulum to discard the drugs, andEndoplasmic ReticulumThe elementary purpose of this research paper is to find out whether the endoplasmic reticulum in the testis of wolfs downstairsgoes any structural or morphological changes during fertilization. The experiment studies this phenomenon by microinjecting a dye in unfertilized egg and then visualize using a confocal microscope to detect any alterations in structure.Eventually, this paper tries to exempt the role played by the endoplasmic reticulum in fertilization. The research top dog that is being tested in this paper was about the Endoplasmic reticulum and how it plays a role in the fertilization which rouse be evidenced by structural changes that taking place during the fertilization process.The most important boldness of this experiment in the paper is the microinjection of eggs with soya beans oil everlasting(a) with DiI solution which enables visualization of the endoplasmic reticulum using the confocal microscope. The dye then spreads through the ER only in 30 minutes during which the cisternae and tubules of the ER can be identified.This method of staining is also utilized to stain the blood plasma membrane which is also a bilayer membrane. This experiment, therefore, teaches that the ER is a complex organelle, bilayer membrane with lipophilic layers.The weakness of this paper shows the changes in calcium levels in the fertilized eggs of Sea Urchin during the first few minutes when ER structural changes are thought to take place.The ER has an internal compartment that is involved in ruler of calcium. There is evidence that calcium is produced during fertilization. Is this calcium from the ER? Does calcium times cause the structural changes in ER? These questions have not been answered by this research paper.Also, the control experiment for this would include a repeat of the tests under similar temperature conditions as previously conducted research experiments to compare the calcium levels. If this was my experiment, I would conduct similar research (ER changes) on large mammal animal models using unfertilized eggs incubated and fertilized at room and atmospheric temperature (conditions).

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On Common Ground, the Power of Professional Learning Communities Essay

The nurture corpse by which educators and students work in is plagued with sometimes tedious, repetitive and oftentimes unconnected steps that learning is hampered more than it is encouraged. The book On Common Ground, the fountain of Professional Learning Communities seeks to challenge the very core of the learning constitution that most of schools practice. The book has collated various examples of what it makes to be able to produce genteelness that is considered high-level. (DuFour, 2005)This particular book requires that the different schools and individuals to challenge their preconceived notions and contain different types of practices that get to been observed by the authors in different types of schools and universities. By far, this is one of the most provocative pieces of work regarding the level of education that is creation offered to people right now. More than anything, the book spurs people, especially the educators to press on in improving themselves as well as improving the gauge of education and the quality of students that leave the universities and different schools.More than anything, the book is a testament to how a collaborative effort beautifully crafts a break of manual for improved student performance. (Dufour, 2005) If you are an educator, the different steps and assertions that the authors have discussed in the book are definitely worth losing sleep everyplace as the strategies, lessons and improvements that the authors have agreed upon are all valid, and solid in their assumptions.Should there be any particular conclusion that can be drawn from this book, it is the fact that if teachers come together in a organise and orderly manner, this essentially contributes to the betterment of the student in the area of learning and professional drive. (Dufour, 2005) Ultimately, one should look into this in order to challenge the positioning quo and begin a new one marked by quislingism and unity in purpose.

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Policies and Procedures Essay

One employee was experiencing personal problems she deep gave birth and at the same time, she has to tidy sum with estrangement from her partner. An opposite employee steps in to do the work of the troubled integrity, doing her charge tasks and assuming all responsibilities for her, without prior leave of the supervisor. Although the intentions of the sympathetic employee argon noble, the mistake of the set-up is that one employee should not shoulder the responsibilities of an other without sack through the formal channels of authority. each employee is hire to accomplish tasks within his bloodline description and could only assume other responsibilities under the authority and consent of a higher office such as the supervisor or division manager, and level(p) then, only if the superior thinks that the other employee could fare beyond and more than what he was hired and being paid to do. If I were the operate of the organization where the said incident happened, I would ens ure to pr charget the same from casualty again.Although the second employee could perform the job of the tortuous employee, I would not be appeased sagacious that my people are switching jobs and even out decisions without the prior knowledge of a supervisor. They are simply driven to the act by their personal instincts rather than as approved by the companion. The distribution of tasks in a company should be directed by a certain structure that eliminates as much as possible, if not completely, erratic or emotion-driven decisions by the module that multifariousness expected routines.Firstly, I would institute a indemnity, or reiterate through a memorandum if a certain policy has already been included in the staff guidebook only it is hidden among the hundreds of other rules there, that no employee should undertake the responsibilities of other employees even if both employees occupy the same staff in the company hierarchy and thus, tolerate similar job descriptions. Responsibilities carry their several(prenominal) accountabilities.If the substitute performs poorly or actualise a serious mistake, he should be held accountable along with his superior who designate him to do the task. Substitution of tasks if ever it is inevitable should be made official and accompany with the corresponding paperwork so that the substitute give not only assume right for the additional assigned task including the bill for any mistake committed and give back for any achievement attained, but overly get remuneration for it.Those who disobey this policy would be sanctioned with a create verbally and verbal warning. Continued violation would usurp the regular deed evaluation of the wrongdoer and in turn, his future prospects with the company. For employees with personal problems, I would hire a part-time psychologist as part of the clinic staff so that these employees would be encouraged to frank up slightly personal troubles that may affect their jobs without veneration of getting fired or their dedicate being modify from non-performance or incur absences.A psychologist could to a fault guide employees to argue with their personal problems while not neglecting their duties. In consonance to this, I will also make it another policy of the company that no employee should be fired or fined for having personal problems that may affect his performance on the job unless the problems would permanently make him unable to perform it for the rest of his vitality although these troubled employee would be asked to avail of the company-provided captain help.For problems that would affect the financial stability of the worker, the company would also institute a low-interest bring scheme. The endpoint of these programs is to make the employee feel valued so that they would be more open and unafraid to approach upper management if they think that their performance is being affected or would be affected by their personal problems.

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A exclusive tube of cerebrations fluid is received In the research research laboratory and the by-line trial runs requested thoroughgoing protein, albumin, Gig quantization, microbial culture, Gram stain, leukocyte moot and differential cellular telephone count. The specimen should be sent to the various laboratories in which magnitude? A. Chemistry lab, homology lab, microbiology lab b. Homology lab, chemistry lab, microbiology lab c. Microbiology lab, homology lab, chemistry lab d. Homology lab, microbiology lab, chemistry lab 3. You need to prep be a 1 TTT (1 4 or h) dilution off dividing line simple eye serum specimen using saline onward analysis.Which of the next petting steps would resolve in this dilution? A. Pipette 0. 5 ml serum, then add 1. 0 ml saline b. Pipette 1. 0 ml serum, then add 2. 0 ml saline c. Pipette 1. 5 ml serum, then add 4. 5 ml saline d. Pipette 2. 0 ml serum, then add 5. 0 ml saline 4. The major fractions of a spectrophotometer ar represen ted in the pastime diagram. Which atom determines the factor b in Beers law, A=BBC? A. Component A b. Component B c. Component C d. Component D At pH of 7. 4, which of the enzymes listed catalysts the avocation answer? 5. Private + NADIA a. Lactate oxides b. Lactate change .Private kinas lactate * AND pH 8. 6 is apply for serum protein electrophoresis so that 6. A. entirely serum proteins will have a net negative charge b. any serum proteins will have a net authoritative charge c. Electromagnetisms is avoided d. hotness production is minimized Seasonality measurements determine the 7. A. bodily attend of ions per kilo of resoluteness b. Grams of dissolved solutes per kilogram of solvent c. Moles of dissolved solutes per kilogram of solvent d. Equivalents of dissolved solutes per kilogram of solvent Which of the pursuance formulas can be apply to bet serum seasonality? 8. A. 2. 5 x An+ .An+ +K+ +CIA- +CO content c. (1. 86 x An+) + (1/18 x glucose) + (112. 8 x BUN) +9 (An+ + K+) -? (CLC- + HCI) 11. A serum sample is diluted 1 to 3 (13) earlier analysis and the hobby results obtained follow protein 4. 1 g/del Albumin- 1. 5 g/del Which total protein concentration should be report? A. 4. 1 g/del b. 8. 2 g/del c. 12. 3 g/del d. 16. 4 g/del 16. Review the pursuance serum test results Creating 2. 5 MGM/del (0. 75- 1. 5 MGM/del) Cholesterol 220 MGM/del 126 MGM/del b. A serum glucose 200 MGM/del at anytime 38. If old receptors are non-functional due to disease, the plasma level of which lipid loud increase the nigh? . Fatty savages b. Cholesterol c. Cholesterol esters d. Triglycerides 39. Which of the next serum protein electrophoresis patterns is most regular of the nephritic syndrome? Albumin alpha alphas b. everyday d. Normal beta gamma 40. Which fail is most liable(predicate) to be magisterial in a specimen force 2 hours subsequently an uncomplicated myocardial infarction? A. KC- MBA (KC-2) b. Mycologist c. Titration I d. Titration T 41. Which of the undermentioned serum results correlates high hat with the rapid cell turnover associated with chemotherapy interference regimens? A. Creating of 2. 5 MGM/del b. kelvin of 5. Mol/L c.Urea nitrogen of 30 MGM/del d. Uric acid of 10. 0 MGM/del 42. Which knack of serum electrolyte results (in Mol/L) is most likely obtain from serum with an designate lactate level? An+ a. 125 4. 5 b. cxxxv 3. 5 c. 1454. 0 HCI 10 95 28 90 15 43. The by-line arterial blood gas results are obtained PH 7. 28 APPC 53 jillion POP 75 meg 26 Mol/L HCI- These results correlate best with unhurried experiencing a. Metabolic acidosis b. Metabolic alkaloids c. respiratory acidosis d. Respiratory alkaloids 44. The patient with intermittent hypertension has an el value for urinary catecholamine metabolites (e. G. Malignancies acid VIM). This result may indicate a. Hyperventilations b. thyrotoxicosis c. Idiopathic hypertension d. Phosphorescently 45. Blood from newborn infant has low thyrox in (TO) and elevated thyroidal stimulating hormone (TTS) compared to reference ranges for that age. These results are most consistent with a. inseparable hypothermias b. Congenital primary hypothyroidism c. Congenital secondary hypothyroidism d. A normal response to pregnancy induce changes in maternal thyroid function 47. The following results are obtained from a patient whose admission diagnosis is billiard check TestResult Conjugated blurring increased blood serum intact blurring Blurring piss increased positive Which of the results obtained is inappropriate with the admission diagnosis? A. blood serum linked blurring b. Serum total blurring c. urinary blurring d. Urinary rebilling 49. Which of the following enzymes provides the best indication of obstructive liver disease, I. E. , schoolmates? A. Amylase b. Alkaline phosphate c. rive nontransferable d. Lactate change 50. In a cerebrations fluid (SF) sample, which of the following proteins is decimal to assess the permeability of the blood/ thought barrier .Albumin b. Gig c. Transferring d. Preferable 51. The following urinalysis are obtained Glucose by reagent pare negative Stones by reagent strip positive These results are most consistent with a. starvation b. Polynesia c. Diabetes mellitus d. Diabetes insipid 52. A patient with sign l, IDEM has the following results VBG Patient 1 50 MGM/del Ref Range 70- 110 MGM/del FSP 2. 6 Mol/L 2 2. 9 Mol/L 53. The patient has the following thyroid profile TTT change magnitude oftentimes decreased Thyroid peroxides any frame positive TTS decreased This patient most probably has a. thyrotoxicosis b. Hypothyroidism .A normal thyroid d. Graves disease 53. hold the diagnosis most consistent with the following Serum total bill elevated Serum direct bill O MGM/del Serum indirect bill elevated Urine blurring negative Rebilling decreased a. UDP purpose deficiency b. Posthypnotic bile obstruction c. capital of Ireland Johnson syndrome d. Intramuscular hemolytic 5. When is a blood sample for determination of the trough level off drug proportionately drawn? A. During the absorption phase of the drug b. During the scattering phase of the drug c. Shortly before the drug administration d. Two hours after the administrationWhich of the following is apply in the treatment of manic depression b. Lithium c. atomic number 20 d. Chloride Which of the following is a commonly encountered genus Xanthium that could potentially interfere with the determination of Diophantine? A. Nicotine b. caffein c. Amphetamine d. Proclaimed Which of the following drugs is used as an instrumentation in electronic organ transplantation, especially in liver transplants? A. convert b. Emendation c. Cloistering d. Parenting Free drug levels can primarily be determined by analyzing what body fluid? 9. A. Whole blood b. unknowing of the plasma c. Urine .OFF of plasma 10. For what colorimetric reaction is the Trainers reaction widely used? A. Acetaminophen b. advocator c. Silicates d. Barbiturates 11. Anticoagulants unit of measurement blood is the preferred specimen in find out the icon to what compound? A. Methanol b. quicksilver d. Carbon monoxide 12. Free erythrocyte proprietorship (FEE) levels are useful as a screening method to which of the following metals? A. zinc b. Lead c. Iron d. Mercury 13. Of the following specimens, which would be appropriate for find out the pic to lead? A. DEED plasma b. Serum c. Whole blood d. SF 14.Identification of the urinary metabolite bioengineering would be useful in determining exposure to which of the following drugs? A. Codeine b. Cocaine c. Amphetamines d. Proponent 15. TECH is the principal active component of what drug? A. Benedictine b. Marijuana c. morphia d. Codeine 17. When screening urine for toxic substances, which of the following will not be identify be Irenics Test? A. Bismuth b. arsenous oxide d. Cyanide 18. Which of the following tests would be especially useful in de termining sopranos exposure? A. Serum seasonality and urine acetone b. Urine seasonality and serum seasonality .Urine acetone and urine seasonality d. Serum sodium and serum acetone 19. Which of the following methods would yield reliable quantification of ethanol in the presence of sopranos a. Reaction with permanganate and chronometric acid b. Conway dispersal followed by dichloride c. Alcohol dehydrogenate reaction d. Gas liquid chromatography 20. Levels of 8 9% chronologically saturation of whole blood are commonly put in which of the following situations? A. Fatal carbon paper monoxide inebriation b. Acute carbon monoxide poisoning c. Non smoking residents of rural areas d. Cigarette smokers

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Research Proposal †Brief Provisional Title Essay

Brief conditional Title To what close does media reporting, during a cardinal-month detail in 2000 contribute to the vigilantes towards pedophiles. The main aims of the utterance It stern be suggested amongst academic books that much of the heightened attacks against pedophiles is media generated, generally the media is perceived as instigators of provoking and motivating heightened anxiety and vigilantes amongst the customary domain (refer to Kitzinger, 1999b and Soothill, 1991). Ultimately it can be claimed that tabloid newspapers put up led the expressive style in the construction of the personification of paedophiles, frequently portraying them as perverts, evil and beasts, reinforcing the opens feelings that paedophiles atomic number 18 any(prenominal)what a different species apart from ordinary people. It can be platitude amongst academic commentators that the newspaper media do more than merely contrive social reality (Greer, 2003, P.44), the media can be a ccused of amplifying a moral panic or even cultivating a class rule mentality by dint of much(prenominal) conceptualisations.The scratch media potentially play an expeditious role in criminological supposition, withal exemplify labelling theory. The labelling theory focuses on the expound that crime and criminal behaviour is a social shape, that of the descent between an soul who is defined as deviant and those who have the power to label much(prenominal)(prenominal) person as deviant. These general propositions attribute the media as an important factor in much(prenominal) process, consequently helping to construct the paedophile with a hate figure identity. The process by which labelling occurs has social and psychological implications on those who be labelled, which in my query is paedophiles. implant indoors much(prenominal) theory exists the belief that such individuals who are labelled are likely to incorporate the label within their self-image and such stigmatisation is likely to carry on how they are treated by others in the future. Indeed Spencer, 1999 proclaims that where paedophiles are hounded out, they lead go underground (Spencer, 1999, P.178).Such a theory will be applied into my sermon to attempt to explain whether the labelling of paedophiles by the instill media contribute to the vigilantes towards paedophiles. moreover throughout my look process there existed an identifiable coitionship between the failures of legislation, in accordance to the shelter of children and vigilante attacks towards paedophiles, as people see to have lost confidence in the system and have decided to arrest the law into their own hands (David, 1997, P.20). further such a relationship will not be acknowledged within my search, as my aim is to examine the musical mode in which paedophiles are even offed and labelled through imprint media reporting. Examining such relationship between legislation and vigilante attacks would of nece ssity result in me exploring outside the landed estate of my research enquiry.The central research question I care to explore is To what extent does media reporting, during a two-month outcome contribute to the vigilantes towards paedophiles? My sign hypothesis is that negative labelling of paedophiles perceived through the print media structure individuals perceptions. There as well as exists a certain complicity towards the way in which the print media reinforces or contributes peoples actions to act unpeacefully towards paedophiles. Reasons for undertaking research Although I have never worked with sexuality offenders or with victims who have experienced such abuse, the desire to focus my dissertation on paedophiles originated from the tragic death of Sarah Payne in July 2000 by Roy Whiting, a previous convicted sex offender. What jilt my interest was the profound response of the normal and media, which triggered a be given for the implementation of Sarahs Law.Such a campaign resulted in the actions of the fair weatherday newspaper, the watchword Of The universe publicly naming and shaming convicted paedophiles. To me this is detrimental not only to children but also to paedophiles are they are likely to pose a bulkyer risk to children. A great concern of mine is the way in which paedophiles are stereotypically patch uped by the media, as it notably feeds the hysteria of public revere and incites such hostility for lynch inner circle frenzy. Methodology and methods To investigate the way in which paedophiles are portrayed in the print media and does such portrayal reinforce violent behaviour, I wish to examine twain written text and visual images, thus resulting in my methodology lieing of a soft approach. My methodology will allow me to explore the ideological themes and stereotypical language infix within such press report, evaluating whether conceptualisations of the paedophile incite a violent mentality.The cite of documentation I wish to dissect in my methodology, will be from interior(a) newspapers from the year 2000, such as the password Of The World, The Sun, the Daily Mail and The Guardian, which will consist of a time framework of two months, preferably being the months July and August. I wish to explore these specific months as the newspaper, the News Of The World, in the summer of 2000 undertook such orifice to publicly name and shame convicted paedophiles. Examining newspapers during this period will inevitably provide me with a rich source of information to try and analyse. Due to my study concentrating on a limited time framework and a specific theme it is fair to flesh out that my study will not represent the norm of the print media in relation to the way in which paedophiles are ascribed with such label, my study will only represent a fragment of the print media.However my intentions from my findings is to elucidate the representation of paedophiles within the print media and provide a rig orous abridgment concerning the way in which the media militates violent behaviour towards paedophiles. Thus in relation to my research there may exist some difficulties I may play these may include, with respect to a paedophile report, me wondering(a) to what extent a report have in a newspaper is in reality valid, which could result in my findings representing a misinterpretation of paedophiles. With respect to resources, I may encounter difficulties in relation to gaining access to newspaper articles from the year 2000. Some articles can be gained from UWCN Library but other articles from newspapers such as the News Of The World and The Sun may result in me researching beyond the UWCN library to libraries such as Cardiff or even paying to order digest issues from the internet.BibliographyDavid, M. (1997). Child Protection, Moral Outrage or Mob Rule? Community Care. 7 August, PP. 20-21. Greer, C. (2003). Sex Crime And The media, Cornwall Willan Publishing. Kitzinger, J. (20 02). The Ultimate neighbor Form Hell? Stranger jeopardy And The Media Framing Paedophiles. In Jewkes, Y and Letherby, G. Criminology A reader, London Sage Publications. McDonald, l. (2001). Sex Offender, The spot Office And the Sunday Papers, Journal of cordial Welfare and family Law 23 (1), PP. 103-108. Reiner, R (2002). Media Made Criminality. In Maguire, M and et-al. The Oxford handbook Of Criminology, Oxford university press. Thomas, T. (2002). Sex Crime, Sex Offending And Society, Cornwall, Willan publishing. Tierney, J. (1996). Criminology, possible action And Context, England Longman. White, R and Haines, F. (1996). Crime and Criminology, An Introduction, Oxford University Press.

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Mitch Essay

Title The title of the science laboratory should be at the top of the lab report. Background Information and Research 1. give back a simple explanation, in your witness words, of what paper chromatography is and what it is apply for. 2. Give at least three real-world uses for paper chromatography employ in the fields of chemistry and biology. 3. Be sure to entangle references for any query conducted for this section. Purpose In one or two complete sentences, state the utilization of this laboratory investigation. Materials arguing all of the materials used in this lab. ProcedureInclude a step-by-step procedure for what you did in the lab, written in your own words. Data and Observations * List your original predictions about the expected key components of each dulcorate air. * Create an nonionized and labeled data table that lists the color and distance travelled of each paint separated from each original sweeten color or ink type. look on to ask two separate sectio ns or tables for the two solutions (salt urine and alcohol) used. * Also include any other observations that you made during the crease of the investigation.Discussion and Conclusion The first sectionalization of this section discusses the observations and results of the lab as substantially as any mistakes that may have been made (or what measures were taken to try to debar mistakes) and what improvements, if any, you can come back of for the procedure for the following time the lab will be conducted. The discussion section of this lab should similarly include discussions on the following * A comparison of how each solution (salt water and alcohol) separated the pigments from each color of candy or ink type.Which solution worked smash at separating each of the pigments (it may be antithetical for unlike candy colorise or inks), and why do you think that is? * If you had allowed less time for the lab (stopping the time interval process when the solution was halfway up th e paper), how do you think that would have stirred your results? * What pigment colorize traveled far up the paper? What pigment traveled the least? Was it the same or different when those pigments appeared in other candy colors or inks? Was it the same or different when separated by alcohol or else of salt water?