Monday, February 24, 2020

Should doctors performing plastic surgery be more regulated Essay

Should doctors performing plastic surgery be more regulated - Essay Example Deformities caused by fractures are treated through plastic surgery referred to as adult craniofacial surgery. This type of surgery is also used to heal hereditary deformities of the head. It has been used significantly to treat extreme cases of congenital disorders, injuries especially on the hands that may be acute as well as the persistent ailments that attack the hands. Plastic surgery is important in the treatment of burns, especially for acute burns. When done after burns have healed, it is referred to as reconstructive surgery. It assists in repairing body parts that might have been damaged by burns, restoring the original state of the body (Buckle 2003). For aesthetic purposes, plastic surgery is usually designed to satisfy an individual’s desire. It is especially designed to alter the outward appearance for beautification purposes and elimination of certain undesirable physical appearances. This kind of plastic surgery is also referred to as cosmetic surgery. It is mainly used to remove excessive fats from the body, reshaping some body parts such as enlargement of the breasts or making them smaller. The exercise is usually risky as it can be detrimental to personal health if not carried out by an expert in plastic surgery. In the United States, doctors are legalized to perform plastic surgery, their specialty not withstanding. There should be more regulations for the doctors who perform plastic surgery Currently, there is an influx of the doctors who are practicing plastic surgery. This corresponds to the number people who are seeking their services. Medical doctors are currently working outside there area of specialization and training. This has been propelled by the rising demand of people to undergo plastic surgery in order for them to change their looks and do away with the undesirable physical characteristics. People are progressively seeking to look young and slim and therefore they are ready to fore go many other